The Iceford Stables hooodies and polo shirts are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. We have a selection here at the stables or you can order your favourite colour.



These are an ideal gift for any occasion. The voucher can be used throughout the year towards any of our activities  

Our Happy Clients

“I had been asking my mum to bring me horse riding for some time, so she rang Iceford Stables spoke to Lizzy and booked me in. I really loved it and now I’m a couple of years going to Iceford Stables. I love going to pony camp .I learn loads and I even love mucking out. About 3 years ago I got my own pony called Bob, he was too young to break so when the time was right we got Aiden & Lizzy to break him for me. I got loads of up dates on how he was doing during his boot camp! And soon he was ready for me to ride. Aiden & Lizzy took such great care of my pony, I cannot thank them enough and now he is going really well for me.  Thankyou Aiden & Lizzy for everything, looking forward to getting back in the saddle after covid-19”